Thursday, December 20, 2007

Heading for Germany

We just spent a night in a house empty of dogs. Very weird. It made me think of how people who have children who then leave home must feel. The house just felt so quiet and still. I kept thinking I must put the dogs out, or bring Nechung up to bed or...the usual things I do.

Apart from seeing friends and seeing another country and it's delights, I also rather enjoy the break from having to do stuff. No cooking. No dogs to walk, feed, groom, bath. Nothing to take care of.

The people who are taking care of the dogs are such that I know I will not have to worry about them, though I still will of course! Lorraine has the four adults, Mary who bought one the girls has Lui and Gail who bought Vienna from me 4 years ago has Lia and Dougless.

We drive down to the Chunnel in a few hours. The drive takes 3 hours. Then we drive onto the train which drives us under the English Channel and we drive off the train France 30 minutes later. We then drive to our destination.

My birthday was really good. I enjoyed it very much. We got to Queensgate just before 10am and there was a disabled bay for my car just outside the doors of the floor we needed to be on.
It was as well we did arrive when we did because the place was soon very full of people.

We wandered around and I mainly bought essentials-thermal tights, a night shirt and two lounge trousers. Oh, and a novel, The Sword of God. I am pleased to say that John bought several films and books. He doesn't often buy stuff. It's his Scottish Presbyterian background. Makes him frugal.

We had lunch at Sundays which does traditional roast dinners. Very good.

The only fly in the ointment was the few people were just downright ignorant and rude. I got hit several times by bags and in one instance by a large stomach just because people could not be bothered to wait until I had wheeled out of the way, or because they didn't even notice me. I tell you, if you want to become invisible, sit in a wheelchair!

Later we went to the service at the Spalding Spiritualist Church, Little Acorns where they all sang Happy Birthday for me.

I had a really good day. It was the first time I have ever done anything for my birthday. I have always ignored it. I think I might do something next year too.

I also think we might also go away for Xmas again next year.....lets see how this one goes.

Going away very much depends on who we can get to dog sit and whether or not I have pups. If my pups had only been up to 6 week sold, we couldn't be going.

I will probably be able to update this blog whilst I am away but the pictures of the trip will have to wait until I get back.

Perhaps you'd like to see one of me in my pantihose, Superman style?

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