Sunday, December 23, 2007

Brass Monkies

It is cold enough here to freeze the b***s off a brass monkey! Although everything looks beautiful and we have had a great time, the cold has caused me a of of pain. we know that 1. the idea of going somewhere for a white Xmas is out of the question and 2. we ought to avoid winter holidays altogether because either is will be cold like now or wet!

We had a lovely day with Diana yesterday. She took us around Heidelberg. It really helps to have a local with you. I bought the most expensive hat I have ever bought. I buy what I want but when it costs a lot I always ask John first and he said to go ahead if you like it. He likes it too.

Of course we visited a yarn shop and bought some sock yarn. Diana has made me a bag on a belt clip which is just big enough to hold a 100gm ball and needles and gave me large yoghurt pot with a sock yarn ball in it. Both items very handy indeed.

John and I ate in a traditional Gasthouse (restaurant/pub) last night and had a wonderful fish dinner.

I fell asleep early at 10.30pm so was up at 6am. This is one reason I saty in hotels rather than as guests in friend's homes. If I can't sleep or have much pain, I am not going to disturb anyone by getting up. Besides, I always get up to pee!

Jane, from Socknitters, is about to arrive here at Lia and Lui's.
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