Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

My best wishes to you all. Thank you for reading and for your comments and support.

We will soon be leaving Lia and Lui's home where we have had a good meal and company. Jane and Gordon(Americans) are wtih us from their home in Holland.

We drive home tomorrow and I am hoping as it is Xmas day that the roads will be quiet.

It is not as cold now but still below 0 celsius.

I have had a good time but will be glad to be home. I am tired and I miss my dogs.

I have some photographs I will post, including one of a man and an Alpaca(or Llama) in the centre of Mannheim. We have met plenty of dogs and I got licke todeath by a deightful Jack Russel puppy on it's first outing. Dogs are allowed in shops and restaurants here. So civilised.
We alsosawastreet amn with a dalmation and a 2 month old bunny! No photo as I got the feelign this man would not be happy if I took his picture with them. I did make sure I put some Euro in his tin.
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