Friday, December 14, 2007

Home and Away

I have been going to a different pool, 10 miles away, because my regular pool is closed for renovation.

I really like this pool. The staff are much nicer. The atmosphere is so much more comfortable for me. I don't have to go so early. I also don't have to put up with those b*****s who think the pool I normally go to is theirs.

However, it is going to cost me £11 a week in diesel to get there and back every week day.

I think the added expense is probably worth it because it is much less stressful to go there. Part of me feels I ought not allow the witches (including two staff members who are obnoxious) to drive me away but you know, what the hell, I can't fight every battle and I think it is more important that I enjoy my outing and am not stressed by these dreadful people. I can well imagine these two women were the school bullies in their childhoods and now in their 60's they have not changed a bit!

Only 6 days now until John and I go to Germany. I am really excited about it. We will be seeing Lia and Lui again and also Diana and get to meet Jayne and her Gordon for the first time. I just know this is going to be wonderful. 5 days of shopping till John drops. Ooooh"!

We drive out on the Thursday, thru the Chunnel and sleep the night in an hotel in Charleroi (Belgium). Leaving there early Friday morning and arriving in Mannheim at about 1-2pm. Book in and then go str8 to Lia and Lui's place so that Lia can take us to Globus where we will spend hours shopping for stuff not readily available here, or cheaper there. Coffee Beans, salad dressings, mustards, spices and sauces. They also sell clothes and what else? Oh, yes, sock and good quality! Not that it matters to me of course, I am going for the food stuff....ermmhum.

Then we shall go to Lidl for more of the same.

On the Saturday we will do the Xmas market in Heidelberg with Diana. On the Sunday we will do Mannheim markets and meet Jayne and Gordon at Lia and Lui's in the afternoon.

On Xmas eve we will go back to Heidelberg with Lia and Lui and Jayne and Gordon. This time, hopefully, we will manage to see the castle and use the funicular to ge tup there. we reckon that between all of us, I'll manage with my sticks/chair. We may be attending a concert in the evening.

We will drive home on Xmas day. I chose this day because every other f****r will be at home!


Anonymous said...

I am so envious of your trip! It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time. How many pounds will you be spending on delightful yarn, I wonder. Does John get that "long suffering" look?

Jim was born in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. Interesting, since I didn't know the Belgium town is where the name originated! Lots of Germanic settlers in SW Pennsylvania.

I also think your new pool sounds delightful. I'd make the effort to go there!

LizzieK8 said...

I think the word you wanted was bitches. Those of us that are witches (seriously) are not too fond of the words being interchanged.

Glad the new pool is good for you. It's so much nicer to enjoy your surroundings when exercising!

Lisa said...

yes, I would spend the extra to go to a pool that is more comfortable all around. This way you can enjoy and not be stressed!