Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Socks , Pups, Plants and Friends.

Okay, I think this colourway is odd. It is Opal 625. From the ball band, it would seem that socks can also be knit sideways. There are instructions for this but in German so...
Being concerned I would not get a man sized pair, I ended up having loads left over! Anyhow, I used 2mm for the cuff, and 2.25mm for the rest. I knit 22 rows in 2x2 rib, then 50 rws st st, then did the heel, then knit 100 rws for the foot, including the decrease rows.

This is the Sherman Heel. My own adaptation of it anyway. I think it is neat.
Luna and her 5 pups born lst night between 10pm and midnight. 2 boys and 3 girls. Her first litter. Micah is the father (Shameless' dad)
Shameless at 18 weeks. Still hates the camera being pointed at her.
This Amaryllis was given to us by Leive. It has had nothing done to it at all. Just sits on the window sill. This is it's third and best flowering. It went from nothing to this in 2 weeks. It has 4 heads this time.
Dawn-50 something. I have known Dawn 20 years. We hated each other on sight. After about 6 years we became very good friends. She really was there for me when the shit hit the fan and my other 'friends' disappeared. Dawn is President of the Manor Park Spiritualist Church (SNU). Moon has gone to live with Dawn and Ron.
Ron, 60 something, Dawn's husband. Has a droll sense of humour. Needs it living with Dawn.....
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