Thursday, April 26, 2007


A man was sentenced to prison today(only 2.5yrs) for abusing boys in the church choir back in the 80's.

The Church of England, for whom he worked, knew he had been abusing boys and they 'hid' him, supposedly away from children, and did not report him to the police.

He was only reported when one of the boys he abused went a residential course to find this man worked there-with children!

Mind you, the parents of the one boy who reproted it to the Church in first place also hold blame for not having gone to the police.

The C of E and RC Church are both very well known enablers of child abusers.

Disgusting. no excuse for it at all. A Spokesman for the C of E , a priest, said on the news that 'we did what was considered right for the time'. This was in 1990 not 1890!!! He really ought to be ashamed of himself and how dare he call himself a man of God when he can lie to us and to himself like that?
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