Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Men Behaving Badly

Just been to the supermarket.

As John and I were leaving the checkout, I looked up to see John was being verbally harangued by a shaved headed thuggish looking man. I was in my wheelchair. I caught just a word or two and realised immediately that this was the husband of the woman I had sworn at outside the chemist!

I told him to leave John alone, and that it was I who had the run in with his wife.

So he starts on me.

Of course his wife had told him a pack of lies about what had happened. I told him that the incident was over and that I had apologised and that was that. I did not expect his wife to apologise for her appalling attitude. He got really narked at that and related more of what his wife had told him. Of course she didn't tell him anything that resembled the truth. He demanded that I go with him to apologise to her which I of course refused to do. I told him I had already done so - twice - and that was the end of it.

I pushed myself off to customer services and when I turned around I saw this man was still haranguing John. I pushed myself back and told him to go away. It had nothing to do with John, and he did not need to be bullied by a thug. He of course spluttered thru his red angry face and the security guard came and told him to leave us alone.

Hopefully, this is the end of the matter.
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