Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Comment on The Secret

"I AM a childhood victim/survivor, and I DON'T think "The Secret" is pushing that if you only think positive, no bad will happen. They also said to examine negative behaviours/experiences for the lessons you can learn from them. Maybe you missed that part, it was near the end of the part with the young woman with money troubles.
I do believe in "The Secret" and I don't think what happened to me happened because I thought bad thoughts. I'm also not a millionaire, happily/lovey-dovey married, perfect family, etc. But I use my life experiences to teach me, and I believe that when we project positive energy, we are much more likely to receive positive energy back. I've thought that for a long time, almost as long as Oprah's been on the air (since 1785, LOL)."

I listened carefully to all of the program. Also I have been aware of this New Age 'philosophy' for about 30 years. I think it is dangerous precisely for the reason you give. You only heard the part about positvie thinking, it seems from your comment. Perhaps that is all many hear. What about the part where we 'attract' stuff to us by our thinking? This is a very important part of their 'message'. That the bad stuff in our lives is there becasue we brought it into being by our thinking? THIS is where the lie is and where the danger is and where it is no different from other Fundy forms of thinking. The Secret is indeed pushing this type of thinking and we ignore it at our peril.
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