Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John's X-Ray

John's X-Ray came back normal. So it seems he just has asthma. That's bad enough but it could have been worse.

I called this morning and they told me. They treat John and I as a couple and will give either of us information about the other. It is me who makes sure we have our drugs, makes the appointments and even tells the Dr what is wrong with John as he tends to leave the important things -like he can't breathe- out.

I had deep reservations about signing on with this practice as all the doctors are Christian. It is a Christian practice. However, it seems they truly are Christian and are not the rabid bigoted fundy kind.

Elizabeth, my doctor and Stuart, John's doctor, are both excellent. They treat us like people and intelligent people at that. They explain everything. If we are both at home and one of has an appointment, we both go and are welcomed. No telling us we can't go in together.

This last few years is the first time John has ever been to a doctor. However, for me, I have been loads of times throughout my life. Elizabeth is the first one I have had who has taken me seriously. She treats me with respect and doesn't make the assumption that all previous doctors have - that because I have had mental health problems in the past, all my complaints stem from that. It was Elizabeth who took my chest complaint seriously and I was diagnosed with angina whilst my previous Doctor told me it was panic attacks. It was Elizabeth who noticed I had neurological problems and also realised I had Osteo Arthritis. It was Stuart who realised I had fibromyalgia. Both sent me to see the relevant specialists, heart surgeon, neurologist and rheumatologist.

It is a relief to have such a doctor. I no longer worry about my health. I know Elizabeth will take me seriously and deal with it. Oh and it was she who first realised that lack of light is what was causing my depressions because she studied my health records and noticed that all my hospitalizations and depression periods were in winter!

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