Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why oh Why?

On Thursday evening, my BB connection went from 2mbs to 16kbps!!!

I called BT (British Telecom). I am connected to Technical Support, somewhere in India. I spent a good deal of time repeating myself. I spent a good deal of time asking for them to speak slowly and repeat what they had said.

The person on the end of the phone wanted to 'take over' my pc to 'fix' my PC! Now at 16kbps this wasn't possible, I said. I said it again. And again. And again.

The following morning I got put thru to a UK man who told me that my house telephone wiring must be old and had disintegrated and therefore my BB connection was bad. Strange that I could talk on my phone....

Anyway, he said he would send me a new router.

Later the same day, the tech support called me...from India. After a few minutes of 'pardon?' (I am so very very sorry for you. Thank you for choosing BT Broadband.(from the TS person). Now I didn't choose them. There is no one else where i live. If I could could have chosen I would not have chosen BT. I detest them.

I digress, so this person tells me that they will send someone to my exchange and see what the problem is. Weird I thought.

Later I get a call telling me there is no problem with the exchange. Would I take my PC and plug it into the socket in the kitchen? (Bear in mind this is what I deciphered after many minutes).

No I said, I cannot do that.

We can't help you if you don't, was the reply.

I informed them that it was physically impossible for me to do this.

I am very sorry to hear that, sir. Now will you plug your PC into the socket downstairs?

NO I F*****g can't!!!

Alright, I didn't say that but...

Oh I am very very very very very sorry sir, thank you for choosing BT BB. Now take your PC and plug it in downstairs.

By this time I want to shove my PC up his ****.

No, I cannot physically do that. I am disabled.

Oh, sir, I am very sorry to hear that. Thank you for choosing BT BB. Please plug your PC into the socket downstairs in the kitchen, sir. The extension in your upstairs doesn't work.


I give up.

Now we are into Saturday. I am out for the day to Hereford and Stratford Upon Avon(Yes where that playwright lived a long time ago).

I get a phone call on my mobile.


I am very very sorry sir, thank you for calling BT BB.

I didn't call BT BB.

Oh I am very very sorry for you sir, thank you for choosing BT BB. We have the engineer and he says your line is no problem sir. I am very very sorry sir.

Do remember that the above is only what I translate after 5 hours of listening....

I get home and there are 3 messages on my answering service from....yes...you guessed it...BT tech support in India. And no, I can in no way decipher what was said.

Sunday-after the same nonsense, I go and buy a 20m long extension socket and plug my modem into that. No deal.

On Monday, tech support from India call me several times more.

I tell them that my new router has not arrived yet. That no I still have a very very very slow connection. Nothing is fixed.

I am very very sorry to hear that, sir. Thank you for calling BT BB.

My new router arrives at about 4.30pm. With dread in my heart, I decide to install it. Before I do so, I see what my modem is doing and lo and behold it is back to normal!

So nothing was done my end at all. Nothing was wrong with my PC. Nothing was wrong with my extension, I wasted money on the 20m long cord. Yet I am happy to be back online. I install the new router and.....it is fine!

This morning I get a call from tech support in India.

Good morning, sir, and how are you today sir.

About ready to commit a henious crime is how I feel but i say:

I am fine thank you. My problem is fixed. My connection is back to normal.

'I am very very very very sorry for you, sir. Thank you for choosing BT Total Broadband .'

And then......I called Amazon. I have just tried to place a LARGE order.

'I have just made a large order but your system is telling me I don't have an account.'

A voice from deepest South America says to me in very heavy Latin accent.....

'You don't have an account with Amazon. Would you like one?' (I am paraphrasing cos it would take just too long)

'I DO have an account with you. I rent DVD's from you and buy stuff. In fact I have 2 dvd's here that belong to you. I have an account. I pay money to you every month'.

'No sir, you do not have an account with us'.

'I just told you, I DO have account with you.'

'What is your name and email?'

30 minutes later, after repeating and spelling and repeating again,'You do not have an account with us sir. The computer says no'.

No I did not call him account. I just curled up into a ball and sucked my thumb...

No, actually this person hung up on me!

I then got an email telling me my order will be delivered tomorrow.....

I think it shows a gross lack of respect to both the employees and the customers that companies are doing this. The employees must get fruistrated because they are doing their best. The customers are trapped because there is no one else to deal with and if you do say you cannot understand to anyone, you run the risk of being labelled a racist. I did call today to speak to customer services to lodge a complaint about my 4 day runaround. I got put thru to...yes you guessed right.

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