Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breaking Down?

I had to telephone a call centre early this morning to cancel an insurance call out to fix my fridge.

Well for some unknown reason my fridge was working again last night so no point the engineer coming.

So this is how the phone call went:

I dialled the number. Pressed the right numbers and waited. And waited.

A woman answers. She asks for my details. I give them.

'Pardon? ' she says.

I repeat what i said.

'Could you speak up, sir?' she says

I repeat loudly.

'I got that. ' she says. 'It must be a bad line.'

At that moment, I realised her voice sounded distant too. I looked for my remote for the tv to switch it off. As I was looking I saw my phone lying on the couch about 18 inches away from me.

I found the tv remote in my left hand against my ear.....
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