Sunday, April 15, 2012


Oh gollygosh! I hadn't realised how sandy the outside is now with all this brickwork and groundwork part done. The kitchen and hallway covered in sand. Will be bathing MG and Pussy today if I can do both. I just drugged up so will see. Slept well again but I couldn't beyond eight which seems to be my new natural waking time no matter what time I retire. It was 2am before I put the light out and still could not sleep beyond eight.

John is very pleased with our new door. In fact many have commented positively. We chose the new bathroom suite yesterday too. We more or less only had one choice as we want a higher toilet. It is still very smart though.

The tile border we chose turns out to be £15 a tile! Ahem!

Now that MG has dropped her season, she and Ada are okay again. Ada though is going to her new home next weekend. She is going as a pet to a really suitable home. The mother is stay at home and they have one 8 year old boy. They are so excited. Have had several calls so far from inside pet shops asking what Ada would like to eat and play with, leads, bedding. They are thinking of it all. Yes, a good home indeed.
I thought a long time about re homing her and as soon as I decided, the right home came str8 away.

The conservatory is going to take some time to complete. The base is only the beginning. It seems that it, and the electrics and tv aerials, might just be over with by the time the kitchen and bathroom work start. We still have a question mark regarding the flooring in the kitchen this is where I do my dye work. It is not possible to work without dye dripping onto floor. On the present tiles, it matters not as it just wipes up. We need to be certain that it does not stain the flooring we have chosen. No answer yet from the supplier.

Still, we are really looking forward to it. Our new room is going to be wonderful. Our present living room is going to be an office for John. I will also be moving my iMac and printer from upstairs into it. This means the upstairs room is just houses two knitting machines and my boots and wardrobes. The little yarn room will also become a wardrobe.

Hopefully, by the time of our marriage on July 7th, all will be completed.

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Iris said...

It's amazing how much fine dirt and "stuff" gets thrown all around all the house from the destruction on one other part. Congratulations on Ada's new home. It sounds like she has found a wonderful place and family.