Monday, April 09, 2012


It has been an odd day. Recovering from yesterday so have been up and down both physically and mentally which can have its amusing moments. We went into the Huntington Tesco and there I nearly lost my cool with people who got too close, blocked my way, swerved by me, and basically behaved like a 14stone man in a 15 stone wheel chair was invisible.

Luque, Whitney, Ada, Chris and Pussy have all gone to stay with our friends Tony and Jackie until the building work is complete. I have jot Mary-Grace at home because she is in season. I have also kept Chase here because I did not want to take the risk of him being negatively affected by going away for a week at this age. He is a sensitive soul.

The house is not only weird for us but clearly for MG and Chase too. MG especially has been looking for the other dogs. Probably just so she can kill Ada.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. It's all go. The building starts. It is going to be odd to say the least having our living room outdoor wall being cut through but left in place until the builders of the top half of the conservatory do their build. I am sure they know what they are doing and maybe I have misunderstood but sitting here with a wall cut out but left seems somewhat precarious to me.

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Iris said...

You will miss your dogs! They will think they are on vacation. This reminds me of when we go on trips and put the two parakeets into their travel cage, which we call their "camper." They do seem to like it and peer quite cutely over the edge of the towel that is there to give them some privacy.

Good luck with the renovation. Do you have some nice earplugs?