Saturday, April 07, 2012


That is two consecutive nights that I have slept well. It makes such a difference to my pain levels and my mood. Of course not so easy to tell if I feel less bad cos I am in a good mood or if I am in good mood cos I feel less bad! Whichever, I really appreciate good sleep which is five hours without waking. Now that is amazing for someone who wakes every 90minutes to move as I can't just roll over. The last two nights I have saved my last morphine dose until bed time. I never used to because it gave me bad dreams but I am obviously past all that now.
You know, several people have spoken to me about the side effects they got from morphine, tramadol or Gabapentin. I am lucky and have very few. Yes, nausea. Yes, to feeling away with the fairies. However, if one perseveres the side effects DO is also possible with morphine and Gabapentin (not sure about tramadol) to start on low doses. I started on 5mg with the morphine and 100mg of Gabapentin. It does make me wonder how much these people are really in need if they won't do the necessary.

Untreated pain causes nerve damage. Untreated pain leads to pain that is difficult to treat. It eventually means large amounts of pain killers to effect relief. How do I know this? Well apart from informing myself about my condition, I was stupid enough to refuse meds for years because of the twattery I listened to from twats who in reality were plain ignorant. One, pain should be coped with without meds otherwise one is just a wimp and besides that if you go on painkillers you'll get addicted, lose your home and would be selling your body on the streets!

I am lucky, I have doctors who understand pain and palliative care. Some people have Dr's who have been overcome with twattery and thus they are just left with paracetamol for serious pain!

With long term serious pain one has to just accept it and not fight it. Don't think oh why me, or kid yourself you will get better and that it will go away. In fact try not to think of it at all. GET proper treatment and if drugs make you feel like shit at first, persevere with them. No matter how the side effects are, they WILL lessen.

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