Monday, April 02, 2012


Today started off badly. After dropping John off at the station and Spock was picked up to be. Taken to he garage to be fixed, I went back to bed. Two and a half hours later I got up again. I feel much better for having done so tho I do wonder how tonight will go. I have only just taken my firs set of pain killers so the longer sleep did help me. I am usually on my second dose by now, 1:30pm.

I have an eye specialist appointment this afternoon. I will have to go in Daniel as I do not have a car. I am not looking forward to that. I always feel vulnerable in my chair it hour John with me.

The house remodelling will start next week of the tenth. The new conservatory will be first. The bathroom starts in May and we do not yet have a date for the kitchen. The new front door and upstairs windows will be done with the conservatory.

We are having an induction hob. I think this is safer for me and also more economical. Plus it us much easier to clean and it looks good. We bought several pots and pans from Le Creuset. We chose their non stick range as the traditional iron ware is just far too heavy for me. These non stick are just about okay for me.

The two boys, Chase and Christoph are in the process of getting there second teeth.this makes them vulnerable to upset tummies and also fussy about food. It looks as if Chase is going to have the perfect mouth. Christophe's mouth has never been a concern, having always been a reverse scissor bite. Chase's bite will be tighter. I am still very pleased with both pups but Chase is my heart's desire. Sarah tells me that she is very happy with their sister, Fern, especially on the move. Chase is a dream mover too.

I will be glad when all of te changes have taken place. Despite all of these changes being very good changes, I still find it much more stressful than I would have thought.


Susan said...

Reno's are stressful and the banging hasn't started yet. Thankfully you have good earphones to drown some of it out.
We are facing a move from house to an apartment in 2 months and although I am looking forward to being there it is the in between bit I am not thrilled to contemplate.

Iris said...

I do not like renovations at all, but we, too, will be "enjoying" one in the not too distant future. We received a new front door yesterday and I was ever so happy when the very nice installer left. It was, like all of them, worth it after but not during. I'll be thinking of you.