Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I did well at the pool. Am suitably tired. Having just Chase here means we are really getting to know each other. He is very loving and he likes to play with me. He is also pretty good at fetch. I take him out on the lead a few times a day as he cannot go into the garden. He is a bit iffy outside and is disturbed by barking dogs and large trucks but he will get better. Like his mum, in the show ring he shows his socks off, no sign of reticence.

The Sky HD box arrived today, not Saturday as I was told. I fitted it in less than five minutes. Very good picture and easy to install. I telephone them and was answered promptly. Nothing need to be done as I had already done it. We go over to Sky for broadband and telephone on the 24th.

The money we are expecting has yet to arrive in the bank. Fortunately all our house renovation people understand that at present we have no money to pay them! No worries, the money mst arrive and we are told no later than Tuesday.

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