Saturday, April 07, 2012


It saddens and angers me to know that so many people think it is legitimate to kill men women and children in order to gain an objective. In response to 9/11 and 7/7, many of us decided it was fine to go an kill children. As a result hundreds of thousands were killed. Just how was this supposed to stop people hating us? How willing are you to have your children torn limb from limb by bombs in order to satisfy a political aim or lust for revenge? I thought so. None of you. Yet we happily cheer when other people's children are destroyed. Especially when they are so 'different' from us. We can even think they are not humans who think and feel the way we do. I cannot feel proud of our armed services for doing this. I don't hate them either. They have been manipulated and trapped and most are far far too young to understand their own mortality and the consequences of their actions. On top of that we have thousands here suffering grief, truly a terrible thing, because so many of these dear young men and women have had their lives revoked because of the machinations of old or inadequate men.

Just how are we going to have peace when we value human life so little? When even my ordinary everyday fellows justify the blowing up of children?

They cannot say they do not sanction the bombing and shooting of children because any fool knows that is war means!!!

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marilyn said...

Well said Colin!
It saddens and horrifies me that so many young men and women enlist in our armed forces to kill and maim other human beings.
Why do they do it?
God only knows....
I believe that a continual diet of violent films, video games and the continual portrayal of servicemen and women as "heroes" must take some of the blame.
Killing another person for whatever reason, except maybe in an extreme life or death scenario, is an evil and wicked act.
I've just read a book about conscience objectors in the 1st + 2nd World, to me, they were heroes.
One can only hope and pray that at some point in time sanity will prevail, but human nature doesn't change, so I'm not holding my breath just yet.
Lots of love
Marilyn xx