Thursday, October 27, 2011

DAMN, BOTHER AND BLAST! (Good news too!)

My happy confidence in the new drug regime to control pain has gone to pot! Yesterday the pain was so bad I nearly threw up. It has been suggested to me that I start off my swim slowly in order to warm up. I have to say that I had never thought about this. I know that one must warm up one's muscles before weightlifting or running but it did not occur to me that one also needed to do it before summing.

I will not get to the pool now until Monday because my central heating has broken down. The plumber is coming at 7:45 AM and it is unlikely that I will get to the swimming pool by 8:30! I have had to go out and buy myself and electric blanket because it is cold here and I cannot do with getting cold as this will cause me many more problems. I have enough difficulty keeping warm as it is.

I am very pleased to say that Pussy won Best Puppy at today's championship show. Her sister, Plenty O Toole, won Best Puppy In Show on the Sunday just past.

I spent 2 or 3 days uploading my CD collection onto my Mac Book Pro only to discover that I had already done it all and had backed it up onto an external drive!

I am extremely pleased with the new music system and DVD Blu-ray system. I am now listening to music much more like I used to before it became to much of a chore to constantly change CDs. I also had not realised that part of the reason I had stopped is that much of being enjoyment had gone because I wrongly believed that my ears had degraded when in fact it was the fact that I was listening to MP3s via the iPod all the computer that had degraded the music! Now I am back to listening to my music in the way that it ought to be heard and in fact in the best way that I have ever heard. It put a lump in my throat when John told me that listening to his vinyl records, classical and opera, was the best sound he had ever heard. I was so pleased to hear him say this because he is a man of few words and rarely enthuses about anything. When he told me that we should buy any high-cost items now before he retires in April I had to really think about what would be good for us both and not just me which I know is what he meant for me to do. Coming up with audiophile audio equipment was the right choice. It was for both of us, not just me. John is generous to a fault with me and I was determined to get something he would really enjoy. I succeeded. The TV is for us both too.

When I got my electric recliner and one for him too, I really thought that was a good choice. It was but John refuses to use his. The dogs use it! I know he thinks of it as an old man's chair. He'll get over that at some point. Whereas I love mine and don't think of it as an old man's chair at all. More my throne.


Iris said...

Tell that John to just get over these stereotypes. This makes me chuckle. I know this is a futile comment. I'm as guilty as anyone about this type of generalization, but know intellectually I'm being a crank case. Now, if I could just get Jim to quit insisting on dropping me off at the door or picking me up because I might melt in the rain ...

Snowshoe said...

I'm sorry your pain meds aren't working out--I hope you start feeling better soon. Congrats on your puppy doing so well in the show!