Tuesday, October 11, 2011


On one of my e-mail lists there is a person who uses a pseudonym that I have found objectionable for quite some time and I blocked their e-mail so that I did not see any messages from them.

Yesterday, this person accused another list member of hating Jews just because they are German! I was absolutely appalled at such a disgusting e-mail. Yet it seems that nobody else was apart from the person it was aimed at. Although the moderator put the sender of that vile e-mail on moderated status, the receiver of it and myself for commenting were also put on moderation. I find this is fairly typical of many e-mail lists where no one seems to have the guts to put a stop entirely to the unacceptable. The writer of that e-mail would have been barred completely if it had happened on my list.

It is not possible to tell where the writer of the e-mail comes from, what nationality religion or colour they are, and we only have their word for it that they are a she. The e-mail sent attacking the German man was violent and extremely nasty and I am impressed that the German man himself did not respond in kind.

There are always people like this on lists and they are able to manipulate others and make it appear as if they are the innocent party. However it seems that their sole purpose is to stir up as much discord as they can. What really angers me is that such obvious behaviour is ignored by those who are supposed to be taking care of the list. They allow the manipulative behaviour to occur and end up punishing those that are its targets. A very sorrow episode indeed. One that is likely to repeat itself as effectually it is allowed to.

This person is known for causing such unpleasant disturbance on multiple lists.

Even as I write I cannot believe that such a evil accusation was made on a public list which is supposed to be about an art / craft. It was completely uncalled for. Anyone who bothered to think would know that the accusation was baseless because we do not know anything about the person who writes under a pseudonym. A most ridiculous pseudonym at that!

I am waiting for an appointment with my Doctor in order that we might discuss my drugs regime. I am sick and tired of juggling and worrying and not doing things because of not having, as I see it, the freedom to drug up enough to be able to do what I want to do. I keep having to decide between going for a swim or walking the dogs. Dyeing or swimming or walking. This is because in order to be able to do what I please I would have to go over the prescribed amount of drugs. I either need something more powerful or the freedom to dose as required. I know how to handle the drugs and I know what drugs I can take more of what drugs I cannot take more of and I also know when I don't need them. I am not sure where this discussion will lead but I feel I really need to do something that will improve the quality of my life and not frustrate me so

The wind has been blowing strongly here for a few days and it is still blowing this morning. Yesterday the wind was very strong and yet the temperature was in the low 70s! I wonder if we are headed for a harsh winter the same as last year.

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