Thursday, October 06, 2011


One thing that has been on my mind since I heard someone saying how the fans were robbed of his future songs, speaking of Kurt Cobain. Not so. They don't exist and never will. I also don't believe the world has lost anything in the death of this man (mr Jobs)but gained enormously in ways we are mainly ignorant of, by his life. I am almost tempted to say that we die just when we are supposed but that isn't what I mean. I just don't know how to word what i mean. I just think we gained so much from their lives and were not robbed by their death as we have no way of knowing WHAT more was to come or even IF anything more was to come. This doesn't just apply to the famous or obviously creative but to all of us-from the pissed old tramp in the gutter to the Queen, to the street hooker, to the bank clerk, the baker etc. It seems we all fit and have a place and through our being we touch everyone - known or not. We breathe in what others breathed out yesterday. What we say and do and believe has direct effects on the world we live in. None of us is an island. YOU really do matter. YOU really do have an effect. A simple smile for a stranger might be all that was needed to help them live another day. Your moment of judgement and harshness toward a stranger might be all it took to send them over the edge. During the times I have felt useless and just dependent, it has come home to me forcefully just how that is not the case, and how I affect others in ways I am ignorant of. One person wrote to tell me they had decided not to end their life because if I could survive abuse then so could they. All I did was tell the truth of my life for myself. I didn't know it would be for others too. But if I don't wake up tomorrow, it would be foolish to think I had more to do! The wind is howling, my upper spine is howling. I want to go to bed and stop this writing! Just know that nothing is wasted. Oh and there is little point in fretting over not being perfect. We will all give out negative in our lives but if we work in giving out mainly positive, it's at least the right direction. We do so not for what it brings us but because it is the right thing to do. We don't do it to please a deity, to assure our place in heaven, because that is not good at work but ego and self at work. We do good because we are and we can and good is our reward. The more we get it right, the more our light is bright-to shine for us and for others. So simple a child could think it up! xo

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Anita said...

How I do love to read your writing Colin, and how much I do agree with you.
You've certainly made a difference to me.