Monday, October 10, 2011


I had a phone call to tell me that I was now registered with the Doctor I wanted - John's. I felt quite confident she would take me on despite having a closed list. In my letter I decided not say anything about the Doctor I didn't want to stay with but rather made it seem the problem was entirely mine. I feel a tinge of guilt as I always do when I find I have to cut a person out of my life. However, as I am a frequent flyer with the Doctor and have serious issues, I need to feel safe and comfortable with the Doctor I have. Sorted.

Today's swim was dreadful. I got there late to start with because of a traffic jam. Then I found my swim very painful and I eventually had to stop and try and get my neck moving. It worked and seemed to release the nerves that were sending burning sensations down both arms and across my chest. Briefly I felt panic wondering if this was my heart but soon realised that if was and I carried on swimming, I'd get worse not better!

I was delighted to watch John's face as he listened to his classical on vinyl over the weekend. He is very impressed with the record player I bought him. He has much that has never been put on cd so he is happy now he can play it and he said the sound is best he has ever heard. Now, if you knew John you would know that he rarely says anything other than 'it's alright',(makes me want to hit him at times!), so when he does say something other one knows he is really impressed.

I have the urge for machine knitting this week. I might knit a sweater and I might also knit up some un-dyed sock yarn and dye some 'sock blanks'.

I hate eating first thing. I do eat breakfast when on holiday, a large one. I then don't eat again until late afternoon, sometimes evening. No idea why it doesn't turn me off when I am away. I am going to try to eat breakfast here. I certainly won't be doing so before I go swimming nor when I first get up but I might eat around 10am instead of waiting until 12 or so.

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