Sunday, June 26, 2011



Iris said...

I can't say it surprises me, but I'm appalled. There should be some kind of special punishment for people like this.

Mary Beth said...

Colin, protect yourself from these terrorists! You need to fight to defend your sense of security. It's yours, no one else can have it!

FB has a legal duty to report the perps to the authorities.

I am grateful that you've posted your video or I wouldn't have known the particulars. And I am appalled to the core.

Now I wish you a picnic with yummy treats and hand holding and sun shine and well-behaved dogs.

Love to you!

LunaG said...

I am so rarely on Facebook, I did not catch this, or any other comments on it. I'm certain it had to be extremely difficult for you to stumble across.

Yesterday, I saw a young boy on the city bus; didn't give much thought to it (kids his age often travel solo) until he realized he'd passed his stop. He first asked directions to a street (he addressed the passenger across the aisle, who did not know it, but I did) then just as he exited, he asked about a specific address and I was able to give him more detailed directions. I cannot stop thinking about him, and what made him run (the address he was seeking is a safehouse for runaway teens; he looked to be between 11 & 13) whatever it was, it took real courage to take action on behalf of his own safety.

I have adult friends who spent time there, as teens. People just don't understand; you never completely shed the damage done to you.