Monday, June 20, 2011


Today has been an excellent day.

It started off well in that I was able to wake up and get up without feeling half dead and without much struggle to get on my feet.

I then did what I needed to do with myself and the dogs, drank my coffee and did my e-mails and my e-banking. I then went off to the swimming pool.

The swim went very well.  In fact it was probably the best swim I have done for quite some time.

I have spent the rest of my time tidying up and putting rubbish in the bin.  I also put three bags into storage because they are not needed right now.  (In this house storage means open the cupboard under the stairs chuck it in, close the door.)

I also groomed out Mary-Grace yet again!  I do not know where all this hair is coming from.  I certainly hope that she stops this moulting soon.

It was not until about 5:30 PM that I started to experience a strong dialling up of my usual physical problems.  For me this has meant that I have had a really good day! The way I am feeling right now is how I mostly feel from the moment I wake up so the fact that I have accomplished so much today with less pain and fatigue than usual is very welcome.dawn's 3 gilrs

The photograph is of three of my Lhasa Apso girls that I bred which now live with my friend Dawn.  The black-and-white is Shameless, who is the mother of Mary-Grace, the cream in the middle is Moon who is the aunt of Shameless, and the grey girl on the right is Boo (I had named her Shilpa) who is the half sister to Shameless.  All are neutered.  All are very spoiled and I would not have it any other way.

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Knitting-twitter said...

hi, I am glad you had a great day yesterday and I hope, it will continue today. Very nice picture of the puppies..have a wonderful day,