Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Anonymous said...

Hi Colin! I really enjoy the visit with you on the video! It is such a nice way to have my morning coffee! And, the talk was grande about living life one moment at a time. Actually I am reading a motivational book right now about that exact same topic! We can't change the past, and the future is always the future. All we really have is the present and the now. When we were in the past, it was the now and when the future gets here it will be the now. It is for us to enjoy and be present in! Also, about your mentioning children should be grateful, you know, I believe that if we love your children and bond then the you chould be grateful part does not enter that relationship at all! It is a doing for each other with unconditional love. I suppose that some parents just dont get that. Just being a parent means that you give up some things to nuture the children.
Keep the videos coming when you can and thank you for sharing!
Carole in Pennsylvania

Iris said...

I really enjoy these, too. It feels like I'm visiting you in your home. The real Colin seems to be here.