Thursday, June 02, 2011


  1. I love coffee.  Real coffee not instant.
  2. I love caramel flavour.
  3. I dislike artichoke, chicory.
  4. I don’t like haggis
  5. I have a high tolerance for pain which is both good and bad
  6. I detest opera.  I would rather listen to cats on heat.
  7. Until recently I only ever liked female singers. 
  8. I would have liked to have been a singer or a comedian
  9. I wanted to be a vet
  10. I have lived in five different countries
  11. I have visited every continent except South America
  12. I lived in 34 different homes before I was 40
  13. I lived in 33 different homes by my mid-20s
  14. I am half Latin
  15. I am wary of my own sex
  16. I am hypervigilant-this is good and bad
  17. If I had one wish it would be that everybody would be at peace with themselves.
  18. I love chicken
  19. I am almost always hungry
  20. I am shy
  21. I am good at acting as if I am not
  22. I love to travel
  23. I get homesick and long for the safety of home
  24. I am anti-religion
  25. I am not an atheist
  26. I am not a theist
  27. I am frightened of people in uniform especially men
  28. Film and song can make me cry
  29. I cannot watch graphic violence
  30. I love the TV series Shameless
  31. I watch Neighbours every day
  32. I often feel very homesick for Australia
  33. Living in Australia was the worst time of my life
  34. I don’t understand 32!
  35. I have spent almost 2 years of my life in mental hospitals
  36. I witnessed the violent death of my best friend when I was seven
  37. I have no recollection of it at all
  38. I first tried to commit suicide when I was seven
  39. I love junior school until I started a new term and my teacher was a man.  I hated school from that day on.
  40. My nickname in high school was Shit
  41. The most exciting place I lived was Singapore. I vividly remember the sights and sounds and smells.
  42. Singapore was the place that my father first almost killed me
  43. Singapore is my first memory of sexual abuse-I was attacked by a stranger.
  44. I love to create and would consider not being able to simply dreadful
  45. Sometimes I feel like staying in bed forever
  46. I love to dress up
  47. I love colour
  48. I love to shop even if I do not buy
  49. I love attention
  50. I often wish I were invisible
  51. I love Pepsi Max
  52. I love jelly (jello)
  53. I love peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwiches
  54. I am allergic to grains and pulses
  55. I adore ice cream and can eat it by the litre
  56. I like rare steak so that the middle is uncooked
  57. The smell of alcohol makes me gag
  58. I hate rap music
  59. I want to travel to the farthest reaches of the known universe
  60. Being dead does not frighten me. Dying does.

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Iris said...

Ditto here on that last one.