Friday, June 17, 2011



Anonymous said...

A very good demo of the new needles. I know that if I were to do a demo I would get totally tongue tied and start stuttering rather than the one miss with Twitter instead of Knitter. That was the reason for the click on the "funny" button.. I thought it was cute. Thank you Colin for letting everyone see the needles in use.

Twee said...

Hi darling

love the knitting demo I have the biggest trouble using regular needles to knit socks and end up knitting 'em flat.
Just want to say thanks for that "demo" video from your mouth to God's ears as they say. Don't know who the so-called agony aunt is as I'm in Canada now but we have a bunch of those folks here they let 'em over the border from the US to spread their daft theories.
Good luck on your wedding plans and I hope u find the perfect Hunky Helper I'd love to work for u but I'm only a 5ft female & the trip to work would be a bugger. X T