Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not So Bright

As usual, I have been over doing a good thing. Yes, my swimming. I have felt that getting up early and going and doing my swim was good for me. Recently though the fact that I am not fit for much else after my swim has been bothering me. All very well to have lost the weight, and exercising to slow the onward march of my disease but to do so to the point of being so exhausted and in pain seemed rather daft to me. Finally! I have been feeling exhausted for months and put that down to my condition. Not to my overdoing it.

I spoke with Elizabeth about my health yesterday(she's my gp) and when I told her I as getting up at 5.30am most mornings and going and swimming 80 laps, she thought that explained why I looked so rough the last time she saw me! She said a healthy person would feel knackered doing what I was doing and that doing what I was doing was in fact making things worse for me. She suggested I cut down. Well yesterday and today, I swam until I felt it hurting and I stopped instead of pushing myself onward. I am either going to cut back on the amount of times I go each week, to maybe 4-5 mornings or I shall cut back on the amount I do.

I do need to do something because I have little energy or mobility to do much else. Quite why it has taken this long for the correlation between the amount of swimming I am doing and the lack of energy and mobility to dawn on me, I don't know. I am prone to setting harsh targets for myself. Finding a healthy balance is difficult for me. I usually have to be really sick or in great pain before I stop.

Time for that to change, me thinks.


Anonymous said...

Pace yourself!! We need you fit to blog!!

FuguesStateKnits said...

You bet it is! Time to treat thyself as thou hast been taught to treat others:) Be kind:)!
I bet you wouldn't make your best friend get up at 5:30 and swin 80 laps!