Sunday, July 20, 2008


I will not publish comments form people who remain anonymous AND are unpleasant and clearly have not read properly. Or who are too stupid to understand what they are reading. I also do not ever entertain people who back their argument up by throwing my past in my face, as if that explains anything. Some people are expert at saying' well you don't think clearly because of what happened to you'.

As for hating God and Xtians -only a moron with an agenda would say that is my position.

Not all Xtians think as Ali does, that is very clear. My objection is to fundamentalism, which is evil and it's adherents are dangerous. I can't be any clearer than that. And whilst this discussion has been concerning Xtian fundamentalism, I object just as much to Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh or whatever fundamentalism. In my experience, none of the Fundies I have met are different at all from each other. All lacked compassion, all were judgemental, all had a God of fear, all were closed minded and all were intolerant. And ALL WERE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CONVINCED THEY WERE RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE WAS WRONG.

All this started because Ali decided we needed to know that a homophobic woman registrar who refused to marry gay couples, legal here, was not a homophobic bigot but a good Xtian. I and others say that is rubbish. This registrar happens to be black. What if someone stood and said it is against my conscience to hire this person because she is black? Or a white or black registrar refused to marry her to a white man because they object to mixed marriages? I tell you what then, the said registrar would have been sacked on the spot and no hoo ha would have resulted but because homosexuals are still considered less than deserving of equal rights, it doesn't matter does it? It's only a couple of queers, what does it matter? Shouldn't be allowed anyway, not natural.

I find it even stranger that this type of Xtian loudly proclaim hurt feelings yet never stop to consider the pain they cause others. Oh, but we're wicked so what does it matter? We deserve as much pain as possible.

Many people can't separate their ideas from what is ethical.

Ali and the anonymous poster whose comment was not abusive, I apologise, I did not intend to censor you. Your comments got zapped. If you would care to post comments again, I will post them.

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