Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hate Speech

Now we know , in part, where Ali gets her hate speech from. At first, I was willing to believe that Ali was just a misguided person, good at heart. Her comments and links show a person steeped in her hatred and revelling in it. Whilst I see no point in arguing the toss with such a person, closed minds are just that, closed. I do see value in bringing such evil to light here.

Interestingly one of these links, perhaps both of them, talk about 'cults' and false beliefs'. Ali and her ilk are cultists. They have all the hallmarks of such.
The writers of the nonsense in these links are arrogant enough, surprise surprise, to think only they have the Truth! if it didn't cause so much evil in this world, one might be prepared to laugh at these people, as one often does with fools. But these are very dangerous people. People like Ali are a danger to all of us. Remember the Holocaust? The belief might have been different, but Ali and her ilk are not different.

Apart from that,despite their protestations, they do NOT know the truth. They only say they do. This is not the same. I don't know the Truth. You don't know the Truth. No one does. No matter how vehemently they shout it, they do not know and they are liars.

And as for Ali's version of the Truth, she is clearly a liar. Her faith is not in a God but in HERSELF. She doesn't speak of love but of hate. She has chosen to make her God in the image of the worst of men.

The truly terrible thing about this is that it will not just be her who suffers the consequences of her mistake but also those whom she corrupts.

Whilst I do not purport to know the Truth, I do have a heart and conscience that is clearly able to distinguish love from hate. I know Ali and her ilk are lying because they do not shed light and love but hate and darkness disguised as light and love. Any person who truly listens to the God within, and can move beyond fear, can see through this fraud too.

Oh no doubt they can throw all sorts biblical quotes around but they mean nothing because they have no validity whatsoever except that which is given to it by the likes of Ali.

The only real sin, one that cannot be forgiven, is a closed mind. Ali is stuck in such a position. She cannot be 'saved' from herself because she will reject all attempts to show here how flawed her thinking is, how her faith in her own judgement is flawed, how her arrogance and pride will damn her. no matter what she is saying, it is clear that her faith is in herself and nowhere else and whilst this state continues, she will be out of reach of love because she shuts it out. She knows better and takes comfort in her own sense of superiority and her own judgement. Until such times as Ali allows for the possibility that she is indeed loveable just as she is, that she cannot and will not ever be destroyed, that her worth is in her being not in her doing or her believing, that god really is love and not hate and not to be afraid of, her sin will remain unforgiven. The minute her mind opens, the minute she is forgiven because then her error can be corrected.

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Anonymous said...

I am at a loss - Ali and Ray seem to equate being born into a non-christian country equates to being a murderer and rapist? Am I misinterpreting? No more or less than they interpret away at the Bible? It is sad. Thank goodness for truly loving people like you Colin.