Friday, March 07, 2008

Wonderful Day Times Two

My friends arrived at 9am. We had a good day just catching up. In bed by 7.30pm.

Our day started at 2am. We got up and did what we had to do with the dogs and ourselves. We left by 4am and were at the N.E.C. by 5.30am. We unloaded the car, put the dogs in the show trolley and all our stuff, and made the long trek from the Disabled Car Park to our hall. In typical British fashion, we could not go in by the normal route and we had to struggle another few hundred yards to the entrance they decided we must use. Still, we were at Cruft's so we just got on with it.

We got in, set up and sat down to gather ourselves again, drinking coffee and looking around.

We were very surprised and pleased to find that our friends, Laurent and Francois from France and Frauke from Germany were also there. This on top of seeing my other friends was a real bonus.

Time to show. Now I fully expected to not do well here and was just there because of Karen and Gitte from Denmark staying with me. I could hardly not go!

I went into my first class with Micah. There were 20 of us. She pulled me out along with others and when I looked down the line I realised that she had only pulled out 5 so Micah was at least going to be placed. Much to my surprise and pleasure, she placed Micah 2nd.

My next class was with Shameless. Now Shameless is a little tall for my liking and by this time I realised that the judge preferred smaller too. However, Shameless is a real show off, loves to move around the ring, eyeing the crowd and posing. She is also well made. Anyway, the judge gave her 5th, with the 4 in front all being shorter in height.

I was very pleased to say the least with my dogs' placings.

The breeder of Micah's father won Best Bitch with her girl and this made her a Champion. She burst into tears. I, along with others, was very pleased for her.

The following day, Friday, John and I took Karne and Gitte into Peterborough for shopping. Shopping is always good fun though Karen and Gitte were appalled by the poor service we received everywhere but Cafe Nero, who provide very good service. I had previously told Karen how awful service in this country was and now she knows I was not exaggerating. Even John Lewis was appalling.

Of course all this has left me exhausted and sore but it was all in a good cause.

The trouble I have with my ribcage at night is back with a vengeance, four nights in a row now. I found a solution last night which may work again: I got up and sorted the pillows out and added the v -s shaped pillow, so that I was lying with my top half propped up. This stopped the pain immediately and I was able to get more sleep.

My next dog show will be in April and then they are every month thru till November.


fairy godmother said...

I'm very happy with how well you did! :-) And you got to visit with friends. How perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I am so proud of you all. I feel if I touched you, now, you'd sizzle - and rightly so.

Unknown said...

Wow! How wonderful for you with Micah and Shameless placing in Cruft's.

Anonymous said...

Well done Colin, we watched the finals last night, first time ever to see it. Was watching just in case I saw you LOL Pleased you enjoyed it and had a good time with friends.

Susan said...

Huge congratulations Colin! I would love to show at Crufts. Heck, I would love to just visit Crufts to watch.