Monday, March 03, 2008

Busy Week

This week is going to be busy.

I have Karen and Gita arriving from Denmark on Wednesday. We will be showing our dogs at Cruft's on Thursday.

Today I go to see the hypnotherapist again.

The swimming is going all right again. I did a mile Saturday and Sunday and today. I shall tomorrow too. I am not feeling fatigued. But not on Wed, Thurs or Fri due to Cruft's.

I have never exhibited at Cruft's despite qualifying 8 different dogs. It is a very crowded event as the public go to it in droves. I am only going because my friends are coming from Denmark.

Oh and I am maintaining my weight at 13st3lbs (185lbs/ 84kg) I want to lose another stone (14lbs / 6.3kg).

I have ideas for some machine knits. I think I shall and flog them on Etsy-give that another go. I am also thinking maybe I ought to bite the bullet and start to sell off some of my yarn stock and machinery....scary!


Anonymous said...

Why do you want to sell some of your machines and yarn? If it's to make room for BETTER yarn, I can see it. Having said that, I've thought of selling my machines, too, and yarn. I have learned that I truly like hand knitting better, even though I don't get as much done.

It is scary, though. I have way more yarn than I can knit up in a lifetime, but I hate the thought of parting with any of it.

Odd, us knitters.

Anonymous said...

Colin, your sweaters are so beautifully designed, and are of such high quality---have you considered contacting some of the better gentlemen's apparel shops to see if they would be interested in taking some of them?

Fred said...

"yarn" and "sale" in the same breath - ooooo wallet starts twitching ;-)

Fred said...

"yarn" and "sale" in the same breath - ooooo wallet starts twitching ;-)