Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oh Bother and Blast!

So last night, I was in bed early as had to be up at 6am for dog show. Had a terrible night with my hips, very painful to move. So i was up at 5.30am. took my pills, coffee and fag. Bathed Moon ready for her debut.

John packed up the car. Off we went. The show was easy to find.

I thought I would take Moon for a stroll to see if she wanted to pee or anything. Yes she did. On the way back to our spot, I noticed that she appeared to be limping. I checked all her feet and found nothing. I left her to rest an hour and took her for a walk again. Now her limp was more pronounced. So off I went to inform the steward that I was withdrawing my entry and we left to come home again!!

Yesterday, Finty had a go at her so I think this is why Moon is limping. We shall have to watch it for the next few weeks we are likely to have more arguing amongst the girls. It is PMT time. Tilly, Moon, Frauke and Luna are all due in season. I tell you bitches are a nightmare at this time. And now I have a horny boy too.....what fun we shall have!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about the show Colin, is she okay now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the show, but I read your post of 17 June, and I'm glad you have figured out how to show while using your stick. When is the next one show?