Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Gosh, I have learned so much by watching this series of BB.

For years my spiritual advisor has tried to explain to me what happens to people who bear no malice in their heart. I have never understood. She is not the only person to discuss this with me. Recently the subject has come up a few times. When that happens, you just know this is something you need to learn about!

Little did I know that watching Big Brother would teach me the lesson! To be blunt,I have always thought this show as dreadful and only for morons. A modern equivalent of the roman coloseums and the feeding of people to lions etc. Sick.

However, perhaps I shall have to review that opinion.

Anyway, I have seen first hand what vile people do to nice people. They malign them, bully them, falsely accuse them, and in fact accuse of them of the very faults the accuser displays so obviously. The person who does not share these flaws of character, gets victimised and traumatised and is left confused and hurt. They are then torn asunder with doubt and wonder if they deserved this abuse, were they really false and justly accused? OF COURSE NOT!!!

The people who do this to such people do so because the person without malice brings into the light and focus their own shame. They know, unconsciously it seems, that they really are not very nice people and so they attack the one who inadvertently reveals their flaws to themselves. Instead of looking to themselves, they attack the good they see.

I must admit I don't quite understand the need to destroy good. We are not talking about Devil Worshippers here ! Just ordinary folk doing evil things.

I do get that the people who do this are filled with self loathing, fear, and lack esteem and insight. They don't even know why the good person makes them feel so uncomfortable. They don't get that they are feeling shame about themselves. They just know that this good person 'hurts their eyes' so they lash out. They reduce the good person down to their level, in their eyes, in order to make themselves feel better.

The saddest think of all is that it is not confined to the BB house! Those are baying for blood, in the public, are baying for the good person blood because they are 'too nice' 'too good' and therefore must be fake!!!

Sometimes I wish I had access to that red button! It often seems impossible that good will ever succeed. It reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song where she is really ticked off at God and asks ' why do you let the wicked prosper? Their young frolic like dear whilst the good suffer terribly?' not an exact quote but the gist is there.

Of course it is so easy to let this thinking get to you but one has to stop and think. Do you continue to put your trust and life in the good or do you join the other side? There is no half way.

When one sees how fundamentalists seem to prosper, it is easy to be fooled. Do not be deceived!

And no I am not talking just about Islam here, but all fundamentalists and most especially those filling the White House. It is no accident that the one country that seems to have the most hatred for Islam and the Middle East is the one that is so like those they hate. Our own PM is among them(the fundies).

What is worse, we are all standing by and letting it happen. We are sleepwalking our way to Hell. (meaning here on earth not some mythical after life place).

Of course their are fundamentalists of all persuasions, not just Xtian and Islam, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, the list is endless and includes atheists!


Angie said...

I heard a ridiculous news report this morning on why the President of Iran has had to revoke his allowing women to attend football matches ...the clerics think it will drive them crazy with lust seeing a man's legs ...yeh right .I can see a counter-revolution on the horizon if only the women and any liberal thinker will take to the streets.How dare any bloody fundamentalist decide on such issues. They are so like the Puritan regime we had that Republican as I am I can see why the population welcomed Charles 11 back with open arms.

Highland Annie said...

Dont know how you can stand to watch more than 2 seconds of BB, what a total waste of time & money.

Id rather spend it knitting.. or in the case of present time, getting on with the blasted packing.

Your holl looked to be fabo ! So glad you enjoyed it. Dogs... as ever, utter cuteness & joy .