Monday, June 05, 2006

Big Bang

Oh dear, knitting machines can be a pain in the neck. I had no end of trouble with my Passap E6000. Kept giving me Error 200. I cleaned the rail, made sure no fluff was on the eye. No good. I changed consoles, tried three of them. Still got the error. I tried 3 different locks. I even tried two different curly cords. Nothing stopped Error 200.

Just as I was contemplating chucking the whole thing out of the window, I looked at the colour changer very closely. Right there, at the very far right of the rail was a small piece of black gunk. It was stuck in one of the holes, 3rd from last on the rail. I cleaned it out. Now my machine was working again. I then knit my first Passap sweater for ages.

FB -OX, BB -N. Tension 3.5 both beds. Black yarn 100%Merino, Grey yarn merino/Acrylic 50/50, latte yarn cashmere/acrylic 50/50. These settings were used for main body.
Neck band knitted on Brother 940 and attached on machine. Not so keen on this and will go back to back sewing thru open loops on front.
Hem setting: Used tech 118 . This requires pushers on both beds 1up 1 down, LX/BX. Tension 3.25 on both beds.
Early morning ruff and tumble!


Anonymous said...

see what you mean about a's gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Colin.

Your pullover is beautiful, and the color comination is very nice, as usual.

You really have an 'eye' for colors !!!!

Linda in Michigan, USA

DJ said...

Your work never ceases to amaze! Great sweater. And the fur-babies are terrific, too. I love it when you give us a chance to see them.
Take care, DJ in SW MI

Anonymous said...

Very nice Colin- I especially like the narrow band on the cashmere. John

Taoknitter said...

Wow, Colin! Wonderful. I came here because you commented on my blog...thank you very much! I will make your blog a regular trip. Thank YOU for sharing. Ann