Sunday, June 25, 2006

Small Nuclear Weapons

What is with packaging? Why does almost everything I buy come packaged?

Meat. Vegetables. CD's. DVD's. Razor blades. Shaving gel. Hair gel. Toilet Blue.

You name it, it all comes packaged. Not just packaged either but sealed tight. 'Open Here' they kindly write on the packet. What they do not supply is the small nuke one needs to get the f***ing open!!!

Even a dam packet of crisps(chips) are so tightly packaged that when you do manage to get them open, they fly all over the place.

Bottles that will not open without first going to the gym and finding a muscle bound man to do it for you. Without that, you could die of thirst.

And cd's/dvd's/ They are really awful. How the hell is one supposed to open them? You can never find the thing to pull, if they have one. Oh, yes, you are supposed to rub them against something. What? The mind boggles. It doesn't work anyway. So one has to use a knife or scissors. Dangerous unless you have fingers to spare or don't care if you damage the item you spent a small fortune on. Actaully I have found a single pronged tool from my knitting machine does the best job, after much digging around.

Then of course we must recycle. So we have three, yes three, HUGE bins lined up outside our house. The brown one is for garden waste and cardboard and vegetable waste. The blue one is for all the packaging the supermarkets insist we have along with our food. They really ought to be paying to recycle it.Then there is the green one which takes everything else, like dog do, and the stuff you don't know whether it goes in the blue or green bin.

Oh and the bins, on bin day, have to be moved 6 feet forwards, otherwise they will not get emptied. The poor binmen are all very weak souls. They couldn't possibly move the bin 6 feet and then place it on the mechanical arm which empties it. It doesn't matter if you are 101 or crippled, you must move your bin that six feet or else...

Now they get emptied fortnightly. So the bins reek. It really makes the neighbourhood seem more rural-like a pig pen.
And yet, our local taxes go up each year. Soon, I think they won't bother with emptying the bins. No, we shall be forced to trapse the couple miles to the tip and do it ourselves, whilst guards watch over us to make sure we put the right rubbish in the right hole. Woe betide anyone who doesn't get it in the right hole. A flogging for a first offence. Being tipped in the hole for the second. There won't be a third of course as one would have been buried alive in the hole.


Beverley said...

That is worrying I know, but what worries me more is the fact that your rubbish is collected fortnightly. Ours here in Bucks is once a week, I would hate it if it were once a fortnight. We came through your neck of the woods last Saturday on our way to Hunstanton, if I had known about the "stash" I would have called by with my big Ikea bags LOL

All the Way With Knitting said...

We just had notice that the council are considering fortnightly collections.I think you might be right about the punishments after many a news item about someone being taken to court for putting the wrong item in the wrong colour bin ...shudder. We all have huge numbers on ours but every week I find it up the road a few doors away !

pat said...

Just read your blog about packaging. Doesn't it just drive you
bonkers?! One thing that I've found that works really well for opening
things (especially CD's) is a seam ripper. You would be amazed at how
versatile those things are! They're very inexpensive and very useful.
A word of warning, tho. Make sure you buy them in bright colors or get
two or three of them, 'cuz they have a tendency to run away and hide.

Hope this is helpful!