Friday, June 23, 2006

Bamboo HK and Cashmere MK

I finally decided what to do with my Bamboo yarn I bought in Lille, France. This has not been the easiest yarn to use. First off, I tried it on my machine. No go. Not even the garter carriage liked it. It is rather tightly wound. I had great difficulties getting into knitting shape from the 'balls. the shop wound off for me. It is slippery and it would not wind on my electric winder. I used a Silver Reed handwinder to good effect.
I then decided on a rice stitch rib and knit 150 rows before deciding I hated it and frogged it. I then plumped for the knit/garter stich blocks above.
I am using Addi 3.25mm turbo's. Very easy to knit. Strangely, for a slippery yarn, it was not easy to knit on bamboo circs or rosewood. I am knitting in the round until I get to the armhole which will either be set in or raglan, yet to be decided!
It is draping beautifully.
This is a 2x2 row stripe. I used 80% cashmere 20% nylon in 2 x 26's on the SR 830. It is a drop shoulder ladies sweater. For the first time ever, I knit the sleeves from the top down. I knit the body first, then picked up the edges and knit the sleeve down from there. I knit the last row of ribbing at highest tension before transfering to MB and latching off. The cast off does not look as odd as I feared. In fact, most wouldn't be able to tell the difference(unless you are a MKnitter!)

I decreased 2sts at a time, fully fashioned on the sleeve.
I still use mattress stitch, though now I pick up one loop at a time instead of 2.

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Where fibers meet mud said...

Colin, Your knitting is gorgeous. Wow and it is so different each sweater and wrap - how versital you are... inspiring to someone who is still struggling along with one sweater.