Thursday, May 07, 2009


For Claudia

All I do is put all my socks in the washing machine. I wash them once every 50 days at the moment. I wear one pair for 24 hours and when I am down to my last pair, I chuck them in the machine. I use a 30c wash which takes about 45 minutes. I use a wool wash for machines.

When they are done, I spoin them again at 1200 rpm. I then just take them out and put them on the clothes horse. It's just a metal and plastic thing for drying clothes on inside the house. I don't put them outside in case birds poop on them.

All of my socks are wool/nylon or wool/cotton/nylon or wool /bamboo or bamboo / nylon/. Except for the Tofutsies which has weird stuff in it! Like seafish shells.
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