Thursday, May 14, 2009


This will be short as I am about to go and eat. Pork fillet with vegetables. I found my meat whacker so the pork fillet is extra tender and quickly cooks.

I didn't go swimming this morning, had bad night with hips and ribs. It seems I can only manage every other day swimming now and then not as much. Went to see Elizabeth and came up with a large carrier bag of drugs! I now have some sachet thing to take to get my guts to work. It seems the more pain killers I take, the less my guts are inclined to work. Shit!

I have a service to do tonight and I am looking forward to that. I intend wearing my Sherwani and yellow jeans with Mulberry Docs.

I bathed Whitney this morning and left an oily conditioner in her coat which help with the moult.

Below are yet more photgraphs of Buda. I was particularly impressed with the tile work on the church roof. Could have done without the scaffolding but it seem everywhere we have been, they are doing work on churches and cathedrals: Strasbourg, York, Ghent, Budapest, Vienna, everywhere.

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