Friday, May 01, 2009


I think I am using the word correctly. It's ironic that a man who can barely walk has a thing for footwear! ( No, I don't have a thing for feet. Ick!) I shall have to think about what to do with them when I leave this planet. Museum? Will them to nice people with size 8 feet? If I get a warning I am about to pop my cloggs, sell them on Ebay and go around the world? With a hunky nurse? Have them buried with me in case I need them?

I was so excited when these arrived, I could have wet myself. Kickers of course.

Larger boots are Doc Martens, the rest are Kickers.

EDIT: I am actually a size 7 (EU 41) and in German shoes and Clarks that is what I buy. However, for Docs it's 8 (EU42) and for Kickers it's 8 or 9 (EU42 or EU43). You'd think they'd standardize would you not? Even so, some of my Docs are tighter than others, same for the Kickers.

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