Friday, May 15, 2009


I really don't get why people choose to be spiteful. I have experienced it more than once, always from women, and always via knitting lists. The attacks and lies have sometimes been really vile. It just happened again because someone didn't like a response of mine. Or rather that was the excuse they needed in order to lay into me.

It happened on a UK hand knitting list a couple of years back. That list is now almost dead because it was populated by so much spite. The things I was accused of! Yet a quick perusal of my emails in the archives would have shown them to be false. Just the same as this latest outburst.

I have an idea what may be behind these attacks but don't feel it would be appropriate for me to express them.

Oh I am well aware that people often lash out at others with accusations that are more apt for themselves. I am well aware that people don't usually look in the mirror to see the problem.

Even so, it still unsettles me when being the butt of such an attack.
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