Sunday, August 05, 2012


BLIMEY! We got home and in just in time. A ferocious thunderstorm with very heavy rain happening right now. Would not like to drive in this. 

We had a really good day. It was good to be around people. I know, I was worked up over nothing. But as I have said before, i find groups difficult to deal with and when I go too long without going, it becomes a massive ordeal for me and then turns out to be something I really enjoy!

Chase was not happy at all in the hall and the flooring especially. It was dreadful. He was not the only one who thought so. Anyway, he did perform well enough and he won his class. i was delighted and very surprised. then Mary-Grace went into the Limit bitch class and she won that!!! I was more than delighted. She is only the second dog I have bred to get her Stud Book Number. Deita was the first. MG is special tho as I bred her, her mum, her grandfather, her grandmother, and g-grandmother. 

The day was marred by a person who thought to complain that Deita was illegally entered in Post Grad bitch as she had won a CC at Blackpool and therefore not qualified. However, the entry was done, and proved, BEFORE the CC was won. Why would someone choose to so mean spirited? Deita won her class but did not get the CC or RCC so what exactly did this person hope to achieve? The worst thing about it as it was anonymous, it leaves people to suspect all sorts of innocent people.

Pussy was 4th in her class, Post Graduate Bitch, same class that her sister Deita won.

I had a really good day, I enjoyed it. i feel like do-do now and had I been on my own, i would have slept on the way home. Meaning, I would have parked up somewhere and slept! I think this is what i am going to have to do on my back from most dog shows. The weekend coming up the show is 200 miles away. I will have to park and sleep instead of forcing myself to continue.

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Iris said...

I will never understand why people can be so petty. Congratulations on your good day, though. Rest.