Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I went to bed at 9pm last night and I got up at 7.30am. I still feel like I could sleep some more. However, 10.5 hours is unheard of for me.
I have deliveries today plus an appointment with the Disability Rights person at two to fill out forms for the government who appear not to believe Doctors and specialists and prefer to have a cicil servant decide if one is disabled or not. Without benefit of an exam. They must be magic.

The delivery is of our desks. One each. Regency desks with the leather inserts on top.

It seems that the top half of the house is going to take several more months. The insulation is holding it all up. They came last Thursday and did nothing. Their surveyors, according to them, had not told them properly what to expect. They were unaware of the conservatory. The loft man refused to do his work for some reason we did not understand. Now it is left that John will clear the polystyrene beads out of the loft. When that is done, the insulators will come back. The loft has to be done first so we can put the stuff back. Until that is done the cavity wall insulation cannot be done as they will have to work from inside for the back walls. And no other works can be done until all this done and and we still have three rooms to be carpeted and decorated.

As frustrating as it is, at least the downstairs is more or less as it should be. I love the new room and the new sound system and I spend many hours sitting here knitting and listening to my music. Heaven.

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Iris said...

Renovations - Engl. def. The bane of human existence. Such joy. We just had our electric service upgraded, which involved the city inspector, the power company and our wonderful electrician - and a LOT of rain. We live about 200 yards from the inspector's office on Main Street. He informed the electrician, when he was three hours late, that he "couldn't find it." Then, we had to get the power company to get there before the end of service. Meanwhile, big storms went through the area and several thousand people were without power, which meant the original service man was 50 miles away on top of a mountain. It, eventually, was done the same day, but it is amazing how many times I flipped a light switch on and was surprised when there was no power. The things we are so spoiled about!