Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Above is Chase, almost nine months old, just relaxing on the kitchen floor.

The workmen are here and working on the driveway. A ramp has been built right up to our front door, making it easy to bring the wheelchair in for charging. There is a ramp leading into the covered side as well where we tend to charge Daniel mostly now. We had power points put in there, lights too and it is also where we are keeping the freezer for the dog food.
I am sleeping relatively well again and my gut has settled down into a normal routine. This last few months, when the IBS has played up, instead of being blocked for days, I have had the opposite problem. Not only was this very inconvenient, it was highly odd, I think, having to go a lot when one is at the same time full of morphine. Morphine tends to affect motility rather badly. However, it does seem my body is used to it so it does not now affect me day to day.

I guess the different ways my disease has reacted, more falling over due to loss of balance, my gut being totally unreliable, sleep being severely disrupted, more pain, more mental confusion, is down to the huge changes in my life recently. 

The changes to the house, which are still ongoing, have been huge. I am very surprised I found it so stressful. Mind you John said to me yesterday that the last few months have been a blur for him, so i suppose it isn't just me. I still tend to think that getting stressed about things is a weakness in me, yet it seems fairly normal thing for most people.

Then of course our wedding was thrown into the middle of it all. Certainly the happiest day of my life. Seriously. I loved it and will always remember it. Our friends for supporting us and making it such a beautiful day. The interesting thing for me was that out of 26 guests, only one was gay. The rest were straight marrieds with their spouses or have been married. Throughout the preparations, the invitations, the day and the reception dinner, no one has referred to our day and ceremony as anything other than a wedding and a marriage. Technically it was a civil partnership but not one person called it that. We don't either. It is a marriage as far as we are concerned. It took place on our 31st anniversary. It confers on us the same legal rights as marriage does upon straight couples. Our government has assured us that by 2015 it will be marriage and will get a certificate saying so if we desire it, without having to go through another ceremony.
This lamp was a wedding gift from Wendy Cain and Drew and Sarah Hattrel and Paul. Isn't it wonderful? A very thoughtful gift too, considering my love of collecting cups and saucers.
This is a genuine persian rug, Bownat Medalion design. John's choice though I like it too. I guide him toward what I like without making it obvious so that it becomes his choice. We bought it on Monday.

Our next and last, as far aswe can tell, is an electric memory foam bed. yes, have given in and realised I need this. It takes me so long to arrange the bed at night with the bolster pillows, the horseshoe shaped pillows that it hurts and exhausts me. It cam to me on Sunday night that we needed an electric bed. no argument. It was a thought that was accepted straight away. John accepted it too. Initially we thought we would buy the only one that John Lewis sell but I have since decided to look at the alternatives. This is a very expensive buy so I need to be sure.


Iris said...

Chase certainly looks relaxed! That lamp is beautiful and that looks like a really relaxing corner. It's good to hear you're starting to feel better.

Iris said...

My niece and her husband have recently bought one of these. They absolutely love it.