Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston Too Rich To Suffer

In response to comments regarding the death of Whitney Houston:

I feel nothing but compassion for her. 

I think people too readily condemn her or are harsh because they think that money and and fame are a cure all. 

I also think they let jealousy get in the way. 
Addiction is a terrible affliction. If she had died of cancer or diabetes I don't believe would be mean spirited about her death. the woman died because of an illness, one that causes terrible suffering to all 

Many people are obese and whilst people are mean about fat people, I don't recall anyone slamming <Mama Cass for her death, or come to think ofit  Karen Carpenter who died as a direct result of her addiction. Elvis? He is practically worshipped.

Then there are other addictions-OCD-like constant washing, tidy freaks, etc. Why do we pick out booze and drugs as far worse and also a totally self inflicted problem, when we tend to have compassion for anorexics, bulimics, neat freaks, clean freaks, and a host of other addictions. And yes they DO all have victims. 

We ALL pay the cost of food addiction in tax and healthcare costs for example, children losing their parents too young because they were overweight. 
I think what makes people angry is the that Whitney Houston, thru her life and death, has shown that what we think of as the cure, wealth and fame, is no such thing and that scares us stupid because we all think if we were that rich, our problems would disappear. No they would not.

Rich or poor, we are still who we are. I am sure Ms Houston lived under the same illusion and this would have increased her suffering not lessened it. Then of course there is death itself: our biggest fear and now we are in the business of dealing with the fear of our own death by blaming everyone else for theirs! If we eat right, exercise right, do this right, or that right, think this way or that way, follow the true path et etc etc we will not die.

Bollocks but a very powerful incentive nonetheless for us to continue to find reasons why it is THEIR fault for dyeing. Weak people LOSE their BATTLE with cancer! Or they SUCCUMB to MS. Or, most commonly, they did something wrong and brought it upon themselves. Thus we, who are good, will not suffer so. Bad things do not happen to good people do they?


Georgina said...

Thanks for dropping by my poor neglected blog Colin. I have been keeping an eye on you and enjoying your wisdom!! Things with mother have improved greatly now that I have let go of thinking I 'should' do it all. I did it for fours years and I was at the end of my rather fragile emotional tether... Her carers seem much better placed to give her what she needs without the emotional mess that she and I have in our history!

V said...

You are as wise as you are creative. Well said, and AMEN! We all have our struggles. I'm grateful that I never had to share mine with the public.

Iris said...

You are so correct. Some people seem to enjoy the more prurient issues surrounding celebrities: their addictions, their marital woes, their outlandish style. They seem to feel that being in the public eye is an "honor" (and it is, to a certain extend) and that these folks owe the world perfection and total humility and kindness. They forget how human they are and that their very celebrity is a result of their desire to be the best at what they are, whether that be an actor, artist, politician, scientist, or whatever the case may be. This brings with it a huge amount of responsibility and stress, both internal and external. Most of us never deal with this in our lives. Add to that the issues of "stardom:" the constant scrutiny and recognition and the unbelievable sense of entitlement that we, the public, bestow on these folks. We are the ones that should be ashamed of ourselves.