Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Anita said...

Colin - could this be a reaction to the gluten/avenin in the oats you had for breakfast the other day? Depression/exhaustion seems to be a very common reaction.

I should add that my family doesn't eat gluten/grains either and it has made an immense difference to my partner's mental health.

Iris said...

I hope you will not feel ashamed for long. I watched this - twice - trying to decide what would help the best. You, once again, have put yourself on the line and brought us yet another small part of the human being that is Colin Andersson. That is no small feat. I'm so sorry you're feeling so badly today. Even in this, you have presented a balanced view. You have no idea how much a lifeline you are to many.

I, too, find it disgraceful that people and governments refuse to acknowledge you and John as equal people under the law. Further, your marriage or civil partnership is, perhaps, more than many traditional man/woman marriages. After all, you need only look at the divorce rate to see that. What is in your heart makes it a marriage, otherwise, for anyone, regardless of sexual/emotional orientation, it is only a contract, and one that is easily broken. You and John have been married for 31 years. You will, perhaps, be more openly acknowledged as such after your official union, but whatever the government chooses to do, they can not take away the fact that you've beat the odds and that can't even be said for a number of the Royals. You have more integrity and dignity than many of them.

Now, I know how those in the UK love the Royalty and, to be honest, so do I, at least the idea of them. I mean no disrespect, but you must know that you are as good, as useful, as meaningful as they and in many ways do more good to us "common" folks than they.

I do hope you feel better. Take your drugs. Do what you can. Take the time you need when you feel ill. You do more with your little blogs than the people who run the mental health clinic across the street from my house. Why is that? Because you care and because you are real and you don't hide behind "best practices." I only wish we could give back to you what you give to us.

valerieB Canada said...

Colin, even the strongest of us who suffer with a debilitating disease have a bad day - a sad day - a day to grieve the loss of things we were once able to do so easily, and fear of what the future might hold for us. It doesn't mean we're weak, just human. It's not "giving in" or being wimpy, give yourself the permission to feel that way when you have to and don't feel ashamed. Thank you for this video, you put into words what many of us feel sometimes.