Sunday, February 26, 2012


We are into the sixth hour of WILD CHINA and excellent BBC documentary series on Blu-Ray. I didn't know they have their own elephants nor that the Chinese were very into conservation of lands and animals. Yet the people will also eat almost anything that moves. They have a most delightful snub nose monkey, rather reminiscent of ultra-type Persians. Lots of beautiful species of birds, rodents, red panda-which are more closely related to skunk. And of course Panda for which there was a very rare scene of Panda porn! They have a rather endearing mating ritual which involves the male cuddling up the female and placing his head lovingly and forlornly on her back until she is ready and then he shags her rotten. They also showed the most amazing Ice City built by 10,000 people over 18 days. Miniature of course. At night they were all lit up. Some scenery reminded me of the Rockies. Some of the people were regal looking and one ethnic group had very good looking men in an almost ethereal way - tall and slim with very chiselled features and they wore their hair in a sort of bun with ponytails wrapped from front to back around the head with colourful clothing which may have been silk, I can't 

I am trying an experiment. Eating breakfast. Not only that but oats, as in porridge. I have not eaten cereals/grains,pulses for years. I am allergic in that they really irritate my gut and cause gas, bloating and frequent pooing. However, the tramadol and  morphine I take daily has pretty much calmed my IBS right down. So this morning I tired 80g of Porridge made with water and some salt and artificial sweetener.

Later, I found my exercise much easier. But not sure if it was the porridge or the fact yesterday was a rest day. I did however, burn more calories according to the meter.  I also did not feel exhausted afterward.

I do not know if I will be able to tolerate this yet. I am also taking large doses of Asprin 3 x daily (425mg) instead of my usual 75mg once. This is too get rid of the inflammation in my hips which got so bad it was keeping me awake. The pain has already gone and now I just ahve the normal pain which the morphine/tramadol/paracetamol take care of. I have no idea why it doesn't deal with inflammation pain.

On top of this I take Protium, an antacid pill.

Well guts have not felt too good this evening. But it  could be the oats, the aspirin or the protium!!! I think tomorrow morning will give me a better idea.

My yarn sold well recently. It was a good feeling to have my work being so appreciated.

I sometimes despair that I cannot seem to do more than I do. 'd like to be knitting on my machines regularly but I just don't have the energy and besides that it becomes inhibitingly painful rather quickly. Then there is the fact my fingers are not working  very well at all. This makes careful sewing and stitch  manipulation not so easy to do.

Life is still good and full of interest despite the challenges. I guess my physical difficulties prevent me becoming complacent! Perhaps too, I have little time to be bored!


Iris said...

I need to look up this BBC China documentary. I absolutely love oatmeal - porridge. I'm doubly happy it seems to reduce cholesterol. I do hope your struggles with your health remain at a level that allows you to continue to do what you love most - at least most of the time.

valerieB said...

Homemade oatmeal with no sweetener is my breakfast of choice. I find I have a better day with more energy if I have a breakfast, particularly without wheat products which give me a little trouble. I usually put some fresh raspberries on my porridge but will eat it plain too.

Years and years ago I used to skip breakfast every day - but no more! I actually look forward to it.