Monday, February 06, 2012


Life is going well. 

I appear to be in 'remission' from the worst aspects of my disease(s). By this I mean that the fatigue is vastly reduced and the pain is well controlled with the drugs. This makes it easier to move and enables me to have fuller days. I am back to swimming almost daily. It is two years since I have been able to do that. My weight is going down as a result.

The date for our Civil Partnership is all set. 3pm July 7th 2012. I call it a wedding. (The govt. intend making it full marriage anyway but don't ask me what the differences are!) I have invited all the guests. Our intent has been properly registered.

I have booked a suite in Frankfurt, Germany as our wedding treat. Sunday8th to Sunday 15th, with Monday to Saturday in the suite. It's a 'Sky Suite', a high rise room, with city views. I will not go near the balcony probably but John  will like it. The hotel is central in walking distance of shopping and museums and galleries.

I am very pleased with Mary-Grace's litter. I sold the only female, a very good one, to my friend for showing. I will leave it to her as to when it becomes public knowledge. i have kept two males, Chase and Christophe. I prefer Chase but Christophe is also very promising. I kept both so as to see how they develop. I will sell Christophe as a pet or a show dog when he is over 6 months and it is easier to see how he has developed. Both move every well and have excellent movement tho they are of different style.

I have sold yarn well. I have not made much effort to do so as I have been so busy with the litter. I have only one sleeve left to knit on my cashmere/silk sweater.

We have had much snow here with more forecast. It is very cold, with temps going down to -10c tomorrow night.

Today I have been listening to a woman called Devil Doll. I really like her forthright style. Big band/rock type songs with guts and power and sometimes 4 letter lyrics! It's different and she has a powerful voice.

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