Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh S**T!

Well, have hardly managed to walk since Wednesday. Going thru a bad patch. We were supposed to be going to Koln, Germany tomorrow for 6 days but that is out of the question now.
John is just getitng over a bout of bronchitis. Silly sod went back to work with a heavy cold, they sent him to Berlin and he came back with bronchitis. At least he kept the Dr's appointment I made for him.

I am knitting my friend Deborah a pair of socks in Opal's wool/silk. At least I can manage that but have had to leave the knitting machines alone. Frustrating as just before I relapsed, I had knit up a load of swatches ready to knit this week.

Trouble with relapses is I have no idea how long it will last-days, weeks or months. Guess time will tell!


Mary Beth said...

Oh I do hope this will pass soon! Hugs from across the pond!
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Wishing you both better health soon.angie and Holly.angie cox

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you aren't well at the moment. Get plenty of rest!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read you are having a tough time, hope you start to feel better soon. Shame about the trip but you don't want to travel all that way only to feel ill, better to be at home and in familiar surroundings.