Sunday, November 19, 2006

I pod

John has been off this week. If you recall, we were supposed to go to Germany but my illness prevented that.

Wednesday we went into Peterborough for the day. I love shopping, even if I don't buy anything. John hates it but knows without someone to help me get around in the wheelchair, I can't so he bears it for me.

I had been toying with the idea of buying an Ipod for some time. I really wasn't sure I wanted one. Until that is I found out this:

1. I can get all my cd collection on it. 100's of them.

2. I can hook it up to my amplifier in the living room.

3. I can use good headphones and not just ear pieces which hurt my ears.

So I bought a black 30gb 5th generation one. I also bought the docking thingy which comes with the necessary cables to hook up to the hi fi amp and the tv. The tv is needed in order to see the Ipod menu and make selections.

The headphones are Bose. Very good sound and fit. Also rather expensive. I don't think John realises this. I kept him distracted whilst the sales person totted up and did my card!

Anyway, I have about 900 songs on it so far. I am slowly working through my collection. Very slowly as I can't be at the PC for long enough...

I have to say the Ipod is an excellent buy. So small and light. About 1cm thick and as long as two credit cards side by side and as wide as one card.

I am now listening to music again, something i love to do, and don't have to keep getting up to change the cd! Now that is just brilliant.

I love technology and gadgets.

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Jill Schaefer said...

I bought a generic mp3 player when I worked at my last job, it helped to listen to music rather than my co-workers. :-) I love mine too.