Friday, November 24, 2006


Finty produced 6 puppies between 10pm and 4pm today. One boy was not viable at only 2ozs. We have 3 healthy girls and 2 healthy boys.(all between 6 and 7ozs) Will post a picture tomorrow.

Finty was excellent and just pushed them out with no trouble at all.

Unfortunately for me, her temperature dropped and she started getting restless and nesting on Wednesday so I was up two whole nights waiting for her to push them out!

I have only ever had one bitch that started to nest and gave birth all in the one day time slot!

The usual chain of events is temprature drop, nesting, and birth, usually starting early evening and finishing by dawn.

None of my recent births have been 'usual'. Dogs do not read books so do not know what they are supposed to do. ;-)

I used the time to catch up with some tv I had recorded and watch some dvd's when I could no longer manage to knit!

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Anonymous said...

Do try cats instead, Colin. Much faster about the whole business, and don't really need attendance. Though my best-beloved one always wanted me close at hand. I even remember, once, we left early in the morning and came back late in the evening; she was beind the door, and as soon as we opened she jumped to her bed, put her head on my hand, sighed happily and pop! out went the first one!

A well-meaning friend (of cats)